1. Reservation Policy

Reservations are necessary to guarantee customers the bounce house on the date that they want it.

2. Payment Policy

Payment is due in full upon delivery.

3. Weather Policy

In bad or uncertain weather conditions, customers will be contacted before any delivery is dispatched.

If a customer cancels a bounce house due to bad or uncertain weather conditions, then NO CHARGES will apply.

If a customer agrees to have a bounce house delivered in bad or uncertain weather conditions, then ALL CHARGES will apply.

4. Cancellatio  we insist that customers notify us as soon as possible to cancel any reservations.

Castillo  Moonwalks reserves the right to cancel any reservation at the company's  discretion. Circumstances that may warrant cancellation are bad or  uncertain weather conditions, event area is unsafe, unclean , or unfit  for the unit, payment is not made upon delivery, or any other seen or  unseen situation that the company feels is in its best interest to  cancel the reservation of any product or service.

All orders must be confirmed before delivery. Orders that cannot be confirmed will be cancelled. 

5. Damage and Cleaning Policy

Parents  are responsible for any damages that occur from improper usage of the  bounce house and/or damage from neglect of proper supervision.

It is understood that normal wear and tear damage is a different subject and NOT the responsibility of the renter.

If  food, drink, toys, or other items have soiled or damaged the inside of  the bounce house, then a cleaning charge of not less than $50 will be  charged.

If silly string  is allowed to be used on or in the bounce house, permanent damage WILL  occur to the bounce house and the renter will be responsible for the replacement cost of the bounce house.